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Sunday, 6 November 2016

October is over and November is here which signifies the start of Christmas to me so I took that as a sure sign to head to my local LUSH (and also Oxford Street on a recent trip to London) and pick up some bits from their Christmas range. I love to see what products have been chosen to return for another year, but most of all I love seeing all the new releases and this year has not disappointed!

First we have bubble bars and there are so many this year, I picked up 6 of them. The first new one to catch my eye is Snowie, David Bowie in snowman form. Honestly, David Bowie was and still is one of my favourite artists in the world and I am still deeply saddened that the world has lost someone so wonderful so I of course HAD to pick this tribute bubble bar up. Scented with uplifting grapefruit oil with the addition of balancing rose oil creating a nice floral fruity scent. I almost don't want to use him, but I will do whilst listening to some classic Bowie hits. 

Next up we have two new reusable bubble bars; the first is called Jester. I was in two minds about purchasing him but he's so fun looking and smells so wonderfully citrusy I just had to. His scent is made up of  Sicilian mandarin oil, zesty tangerine oil, and bergamot oil. The second is one of the cutest I've seen and he's called Santasaurus. This little guy is also citrus scented (my favourite kind) and contains Brazilian orange oil and bergamot oil. 
The next two reusable bubble bars I picked up are two you'll be familiar with as they have returned for another year. First up is Magic Wand, a bubblegum pink bubble bar with silver lustre that is scented with none other than the LUSH Christmas classic Snow Fairy. This turns your bath a beautiful pastel pink and creates lots of candy bubblegum bubbles. Next we have The Magic of Christmas which is basically Christmas in a bath product. For a start the stick is a straight up stick of cinnamon and the product itself is made up of cinnamon leaf oil, almond oil, and orange oil. It's a beautiful deep orange shade and is covered in gold lustre and matches it's spicy scent wonderfully.

The final bubble bar I picked up is another new one called Ruby Red Slippers and is a nod towards The Wizard of Oz. I get a floral scent from this one and that comes from the carnation and rose absolute but I also get a spice almost like cinnamon and it's not listed in the ingredients! I can't quite put my finger on the scent of this, it smells a little bit like those fireball sweets I used to have as a kid, can anyone else remember them? I also picked up a small bottle of Twilight shower gel when I was in Oxford Street because would you believe it I've never managed to get my hands on this! Scented with lavender flower, ylang ylang oil, tonka absolute, and vanillary benzoin resinoid I wasn't sure if I'd like this but I really do love it and I can't wait to pick up a bigger bottle when I visit again in December.
Next up of course we have bath ballistics! You can't go wrong with a bath bomb, especially a Christmas one. There's a mixture of old much loved products, new products, and revamped products so I'll start with the newbies. 

First up we have Mistletoe a beautifully designed floral ballistic scented with jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil, and vetivert oil. I adore the scent of Guardian of the Forest so the earthiness from the vetivert oil smells SO good to me. I should probably stock up on these whilst they're available. Next is Never Mind The Ballistics which I assume is a nod towards Sex Pistols album Never Mind The Bollocks due to it's name and colour scheme. This smells amazing just like the foam bananas you get in pick 'n' mix and I'm guessing that's down to the fresh banana. The candied scent of this ballistic is also made up of sweet orange and lime oil and has organic fair trade cocoa butter to make your skin super soft. The final new ballistic is the oxford street exclusive Satsuma. The scent is pretty self explanatory given the name of the product and it contains fresh satsuma juice, bergamot oil, Sicilian mandarin oil, and orange flower absolute. This is the only satsuma I wouldn't be mad about getting in the bottom of my stocking!
LUSH Christmas wouldn't be the same without the return of some favourite much loved products and I picked up 3 of them. Starting with my ultimate favourite Golden Wonder. Everything about this ballistic is perfect: it's design, it's golden lustre, it's citrusy scent (lime oil and sweet orange oil)  and of course the fact it turns the water a beautiful turquoise or as I like to call it; mermaid water. Next is Luxury Lush Pud a super colourful ballistic that puts on quite a show when dropped in to the water. Full of tonka absolute and lavender oil this ballistic is perfect for relaxing before bed. Father Christmas is the final Christmas cult ballistic and I tend not to use this one until the month of December. If you're a fan of the snow fairy scent family (is there anyone who isn't?!) then you will love this because he smells just like candy floss! I like to keep one of these ballistics for Christmas Eve just to make it that little bit more special.
Ah, the return of some classics that were in need of some TLC and have been lovingly revamped! First up we have probably my favourite ballistic of all time and one I buy in bulk to last me all year round So White. The sweet apple scent of this (and it's shower gel twin) is honestly like a drug to me I just can't get enough of it. The old design was just a plain white sphere but now we have the addition of a cute little apple leaf. I dunno how many of you can remember the original Northern Lights but it was a lot longer and thinner and was easily broken. This is another one that is floral and scented with ylang ylang oil and jasmine absolute so is also perfect for a relaxing bath before bed.
 Star Dust has been bulked up a bit and made a little more 3D if you will, which helps to be honest 'cos last year I had this and it was notorious for breaking and crumbling. Made up of sweet vanilla absolute and bergamot oil, and earthy rosewood oil which harmonises well. The final revamped ballistic was always one of my favourites but I believe it will be even more so thanks to it's new design. Shoot For The Stars ballistic is bright blue and now contains 3 gold star bath melts within it, how beautiful? The melts are made with fair trade organic cocoa butter and the ballistic itself is scented with bergamot and brazilian orange oils, another wonderful citrus yet honey sweet product.


  1. omg all of these sound amazing :3 could totally do with some lush bathbombs right now - still traumatized from when I tried to take them on a plane in my carry on luggage tho... they didnt like it haha

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. The Christmas collection from Lush is literally my favourite part of the year, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting some more!
    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | BlogLovin | Twitter| Facebook

  3. I didn't pick up Santasaurus but I really wish I did now! I love the Lush Christmas collection this year, especially Satsuma and Never Mind The Ballistics :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  4. I was in Lush at the weekend and I didn't manage to pick anything up as it was so busy! I'll have to go back during the week.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  5. Great haul, so many lovely looking products. I really need to go and stock up. The dinosaur bubble bar is so cute and shoot of the stars looks lovely this year. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming


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