Primark Haul April 2017

Saturday, 20 May 2017

I swear the months are flying by this year. Can you believe we're 3 weeks in to May? It's crazy how quickly the time goes. I haven't done much this month, just the usual of going to work and seeing Ry but I did manage to fit in a trip to Primark and as a result I've got a massive haul to show you.

The first items that caught my eye are two band shirts, one is a washed out short sleeved black t-shirt with KISS on the front and the second is a washed out grey sleeveless t-shirt with the Ramones logo on the front with a few studs, and I'm sure they were both £8. I also picked up a pack of 2 chokers for £2, a pack of fishnet tights for £3, and a pack of 5 pairs of hoop earrings for £1.
Next I picked up a white blouse with a plunge neckline and navy blue anchor pattern all over it and I think this was £10. I also picked up a pair of summer pj's for my holidays and they're just shorts with anchors on and a plain navy blue vest top. I've been lusting over Gucci loafers for so long but I can't bring myself to part with £500 for a pair of shoes so I picked up these copies in black and also in white and they're so so comfortable and were an absolute steal at £8 each. I'm not entirely sure why I got these, I think it's cos they were in one of those bowls at the checkout but for some reason I got a packet for false nails for £1. I don't even wear them so not too sure why I got them but I'll find a use for them.
I'm planning on going to Ohana when I'm in Disney and meeting Stitch at breakfast so I thought what is more appropriate than this t-shirt with Stitch on the front!? It was so cheap as well, I think £6. I also picked up one of the nicest yet basic t-shirts I've seen for a while and it's just plain grey with Mickey Mouse on the front but with a black rounded collar, it's really nice. Sticking with the theme I picked up this cute pair of shorts that are again just grey with Minnie Mouse all over them, and they were only £4! Absolute bargain and I'll get so much wear out of them. As you can see from the photo I have already worn the slippers but I desperately needed some and they were memory foam so I thought why not and they were also £4.
The last couple of things I picked up are pyjamas and the first is a pair of pj leggings with beauty and the beast all over them. There was a top that matched them but I wasn't too much of a fan of it so I didn't bother getting it. The final thing is this pair of gorgeous pyjamas that I got for my holiday to Florida. I had to buy the shorts and the high neck vest top separately but that doesn't bother me at all. They're just pale blue with white Mickey heads all over and have an orange pom pom trim along the bottom.


  1. You got so many cute things! I need to check out Primark for cute Disney pyjamas!
    - Emily from ♡

    1. Primark is my favourite place for Disney pj's. They've got so many nice ones in at the moment!



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