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Thursday, 15 June 2017

I thought I'd write a different sort of post today as I've gained a few new followers and have decided to answer 30 questions to help you all get to know me a little better. I've never really opened up about my life much on this blog, and considering this is my own little corner of the internet I thought I'd take a break from the usual beauty posts and would use a few minutes to share some little pieces of me with you all.

1. What is your middle name?
My middle name is Louise. I know, so original...

2. What is your favourite color?
Pastel pink or white, but for clothing I almost always wear black.

3. Who was your first best friend?
My first best friend was a girl I met in nursery called Tanya. We were friends for a while and then things got messy in comp when she came out as bisexual and she moved schools.

4. How tall are you?
I'm 5ft 9". Sometimes a burden when I wanna wear 6 inch heels on a night out, as I tower over everyone.

5. Cats or Dogs?
Honestly, i'm quite fond of them both and whilst dogs are so loving both of my kitties are so low maintenance so I'm gonna say cats.

6. Funniest moment throughout school?
There was always so many it's hard to put my finger on one. School is one big blur to me to be honest, I've been left 7 years.

7. How many countries have you visited?
Erm I want to say 5? Australia, Italy, France, Switzerland, and  Singapore. Will be adding America to the list come October so that'll make six! I haven't explored enough of England yet to explore the world properly, there's so much I want to see and do here.

8. Are you in/gone to college?
Yeah I went to Bede college in Sunderland and I studied Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Geek alert! Na I honestly love science so so much, it just fascinates me. I then went on to study 2 years of Psychology at University, again in Sunderland, but I dropped out half way through my second year. I'm hoping to go back at some point though, I might study criminology instead this time.

9. What was your favourite/worst subject in High School?
As you can probably guess from the answer above my favourite subject was Science. I did a BTEC alongside my core science and did loads of extra work for an extra 2 GCSE's I love it that much. I also really enjoyed maths, I was so good at algebra and I'm still not entirely sure how. I think it goes hand in hand with the Science really.

10. What is your favourite drink?
Non alcoholic is currently Fanta Orange. Alcoholic is Pimms or Disaronno with coke.

11. Any hidden talents?
I wouldn't say it was a hidden talent but I suppose since nobody knows about it, it could be considered one. I can play the Clarinet and can play very basic Saxophone. I took lessons when I was in primary school and was taught from year 3 all the way up until year 9 in seniors. I can play the star wars theme tune on my Clarinet, isn't that hilarious!?

12. What is your favourite perfume?
I currently alternate between five; Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Chanel Coco Noir, YSL Mon Paris, and YSL Black Opium. I also really like Alien by Thierry Mugler but my bottle is currently empty! I need to pop to Debenhams in the near future and get it refilled, I'm missing it. 

13. Tea or Coffee?
Coffee! I never used to be a big coffee lover, but I got a Dolce Gusto machine on black friday a couple of years ago and it got me hooked. I'm a bit of a snob about it though, I'll only drink it from chains like Starbucks and Costa if not from my own machine. Oh, and I always put whip cream and chocolate powder on top!

14. What would you (or have you) name your children?
I don't really plan on ever having children, I enjoy my free time too much and I also enjoy spending my money too much, ha! I don't think I could deal with the responsibility, I'm still a kid myself really.

15. What Sports do you play/have you played?
I used to be on the netball team in senior school and was always Goal Attack but I stopped that when I was in year 9. I don't play any sports now.

16. What is your favourite book?
This is so hard, there's so many that I really love. The ones I've read the most are The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey. I really want to read On the Road by Jack Kerouac but I haven't gotten round to it yet. I also really enjoyed reading The Hunger Games trilogy, those books are so much better than the films. When I find films I enjoy that are based on books I tend to go out and buy the book to compare, the book is usually always better.

17. Who are some of your favourite Bloggers/YouTubers?
Youtubers I enjoy watching are mainly Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter, Ellie Steadman, Charlotte Ruff, and I watch a lot of Buzzfeed. Bloggers is a tougher one as I've stopped reading blogs and a lot of them are Youtubers now anyway. I think the main ones are Zoe London and Llymlrs, mainly because their style and music tastes are the same as me.

18. What is your favourite movie?
My all time favourite is Pulp Fiction, I could sit and watch it over and over. I enjoy almost all Quentin Tarantino films. I'll watch anything Disney and I also really enjoy the marvel films. I twisted about them for a while and always said "i'm not watching that rubbish" but they're so so good! I also really like the planet of the apes films and can't wait for the newest one to come out, the trailer looks really good.

19. How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had?
What kind of question is this!? Erm, ok I've had six that I'm gonna actually bother to recognise and I'd say out of those six, two were serious. And I say that because two of them cheated on me multiple times like it was some sort of game and two were during my school time so 13-15 years of age. One of the serious ones was 2 and half years, and the lad respected me so much I was broken up with over text message with absolutely no explanation and he's never actually spoken to me since.

20. Whats your current hair colour?
It's currently mediocre brown. I say that because I eventually had to settle back to this colour when I was 19 and had to start looking for a job. When I was 15-18 I had every colour hair you could think of and I mean every colour. I used to bleach it all the time and then just dye it a wacky colour from pink to blue to purple to turquoise, you name it I've probably had it. I even ended up in isolation at school for coming in with pink hair and I'll never forget one of my teachers saying my mum was a bad parent for allowing me to do so! Comical.

21. What is your favourite season?
Summer for the longer days and the warmer weather. I really like Autumn but that's only because I enjoy the colours and the fashion! I get grumpy in the winter because the days are so short and I feel like I've never got any time. 

22. Favourite memory from childhood?
Probably going to Australia with my mum when I was 7 to visit family. It sometimes makes me sad to think about cos I was so young and didn't have the awareness to not take it for granted, I'd love to go back now as I'd be able to take it all in. I learned about aboriginal culture and I honestly don't remember much of it at all, which is sad really. 

23. Do you speak any different languages and how well?
I can speak a bit of Spanish, I had to learn it in school from Year 3 to Year 9, but other than that no. I wouldn't say I'm good at it but I could definitely write/speak a sentence in Spanish and have it make sense. I also know one or two phrases in French and German but I think most people do.

24. Do you have any siblings?
Yes I have two older brothers, one is 33 and the other is 37. I'm the baby of the family.

25. How would you describe your fashion sense?
No idea! I'd describe it as 'winging it', maybe? I tend to wear whatever goes together I don't put too much thought into it. Usually jeans, chelsea boots, and a shirt/blouse/band tee.

26. What is your favourite restaurant?
I only really go to chain restaurant's so I'll list a few of those. I like TGI Friday's their chicken strips are the best, also like Jamie's Italian, Wagamama, and Pizza Hut! I tried a place when I was in London in December called Wahaca and that was so good too, it's like authentic small plate Mexican food.

27. What are some of your favourite tv shows?
Oh this is a little trickier as there's so many! Erm, ok I'll just list a few I can think of and hope they vary in genre. The Office US, Scrubs, Parks & Recreation, Stranger Things (need a series 2 asap), Son's of Anarchy (mainly because I binged it and enjoyed the story so much), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, and The Walking Dead. I've read the comics for TWD and really enjoyed them so that's a no brainer, the TV show is very similar to them too although the writer has changed a few things in the show.

28. PC or mac?
Definitely Mac. My MacBook is honestly my pride and joy, dunno if I could ever go back to a Microsoft now.

29. What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)
I've got an iPhone 6s, but I'm upgrading to the 7 plus in 2 weeks time! So iOS.

30. Tell us one of your bad habits!
Oh god, where do I start! I think one of my worst is spending money, like I wish I could say it's not a problem but it sorta is. I spend money like there's no tomorrow and once everything that needs paying for has came out of my bank and what's left is mine I can blink and it's spent. I suppose it's not as bad as it sounds, just don't let me look at anything designer 'cause I'll throw my money at it, I'm shocking. A lot of my other bad habits are more personality traits so I won't go into them. Let's just say I'm not as tough as I make myself out to be. Maybe I'll get into that in another post. 

So there we have it, 30 facts about me. I hope you enjoyed this fun little post and it has helped you all get to know me a bit better. I don't find myself particularly interesting but I  do hope these answers have given you a little insight into my personality. I will of course be continuing to post the usual beauty ramblings and will see you in my next post.

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