LUSH Mother's Day 2017

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Last month I was in London for a gig, and whilst I was there I took a little trip to the Oxford Street LUSH store to pick up some of the Mother's Day goodies and see what's new to collection this year. I was not disappointed! There's so many new products this year, including gifts, and a couple of exclusives.

The first product I picked up is the rather large Mother Earth bath bomb. It's equivalent to three of the regular bath bombs put together, so not only is it large it's also quite heavy! This is scented with Tangerine oil and Peppermint oil but I can only detect the peppermint although it isn't overpowering, it's actually quite subtle. Due to it's size this bath bomb does take a while to fizz away and totally dissolve in the bath but it's so worth it. Next we have Baa Bar bubble bar, isn't he so cute!? He's scented with Jasmine absolute, Rose absolute, and Violet Leaf absolute and smells an awful lot like Parma Violets to me. It's like being transported back to my childhood in a bath. I'm not sure if this bath bomb is for Mother's Day of if it's just an Oxford Street exclusive but I next picked up Roller bath bomb, a unique ballistic that is half bath melt. This ballistic shares it scent with Yummy Mummy shower cream and contains Tonka absolute and Orange oil, yet somehow to me this smells of Strawberry sweets. 
Another ballistic that was on offer but again I'm not sure if it's for Mother's Day or just an Oxford Street exclusive is Metamorphosis bath bomb. This is scented with Black Pepper oil and Cinnamon Leaf oil and smells exactly like Lord of Misrule but with a little more pepper. Once you drop this ballistic in the water it turns your bath glittering grey but soon changes to show it's bright colours that were hidden inside. Whilst we're on with exclusives I might as well mention Over and Over bath bomb. I picked this up again as I love the scent so much it's one of my favourites. This ballistic is also half coated meaning half of it is coated with cocoa butter aka bath melt. Containing Lime Oil, Fennel Oil, and Orris Oil, this ballistic has a similar scent to Avobath and You've Been Mangoed. It wouldn't be a Mother's Day collection without floral scented products and the first I'd like to mention is Your Mother Should Know bubble bar. This bubble bar is a gorgeous fruity floral and is scented with Orange Flower absolute, Grapefruit Oil, Neroli oil, and Rosewood oil. Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb is the next floral and is quite pungent. It contains Rosewood oil and Rose absolute so as you can imagine it does smell quite strongly of Rose. 
The final bath bomb is Mum, a small floral scented ballistic. Scented with Sicilian Lemon oil, Orange oil, and Rose oil this is the perfect fruity floral for a relaxing bath. This cute little guy is Scrubee, a bee shaped body butter cross scrub all in one. He smells exactly like the Honey I Washed The Kids soap, I could almost eat him! Packed full of Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter to soften the skin and ground almonds and coconut shells to exfoliate. The last product I picked up is of course the Yummy Mummy shower cream. I've put off buying this for a few years as I wasn't too keen on the scent but my tastes must be changing 'cause I really do like this now. Full of fair trade cocoa butter to soften skin, and scented with Geranium oil, Tonka absolute, and Brazilian Orange oil this shower cream is perfectly sweet and fruity and if you enjoy the scent of Roller then you will love this!

Mothers Day is tomorrow so if you're popping out for a last minute present make sure you have a look in LUSH! They have some wonderful products on offer that I'm sure all mum's can and will enjoy.

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  1. Lovely haul and post! We didn't manage to grab a roller so a bit gutted as it's the same scent as yummy mummy and we love that. Ups a Daisy is one of our favourites from Mother's Day as it's such good value and puts in a great show being a slow fizzer and all that colour! :)


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